More Nude Scenes – Introducing Quickshots

Fap to even more nude scenes – free, fast, plentiful, and easily accessible

I started trialling out nude scene quickshots half a week ago, and even though it’s early days, I’m quite happy with the process, results, and reception.

What are quickshots? Simply put, they’re videos of nude scenes that have been minimally edited.

Why do quickshots? Faptuary – both now and back then – has always had a philosophy of quality over quantity. This necessarily means sacrificing quantity, and as time and resources get tighter, that sacrifice becomes greater. Quickshots allow us to have our cake and eat it – to have both quality and quantity.

Why aren’t the quickshots on the home page? I’m not looking for a “rebrand” or a change in direction. Faptuary will continue to be primarily about original, never-before-seen content to give you the best version you can get of any given nude scene. Although the quickshots are home-brewed in their editing and therefore technically original, these edits will be too subtle for most people to notice and so their presence will be secondary.

What’s the catch? There is none. There has never been a catch. The videos are there, they’re not behind a paywall, there are no forced ads to watch through, there are no logins or registrations, there is nothing but videos of nude actresses in film and television.

So relax, like these fine ladies…

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