NEWS: Will We See Lily James Nude in Pam & Tommy?

Lily James nude and as Pamela Anderson in Pam & Tommy

First of all, yes, that is Lily James on the left as Pamela Anderson – and if you live under a rock, that is also Lily James nude from The Exception on the right. That film came out in 2016, and as I write, it remains the last nude scene than the actress has done. Furthermore, if you don’t count the very brief flash of nip in Secret Diary of a Call Girl, it’s the only nude scene she’s ever done. Now I’ve been hearing rumors that that trend will be ending on February 2, when Pam & Tommy releases on Hulu, Disney+, and Star+ (depending on where you live). I’ve done a bit of research on the topic since waiting those 3 weeks for a definite answer just seems too long. It’s complicated, but I think fairly clear.

Mariss Hoffman as the nude body double for the sex scenes in Pam & Tommy

Meet Marissa Hoffman. She’s got a role in Pam & Tommy, she’ll be in front of the camera, but you probably wouldn’t recognize her. In fact, in situations like these, it tends to be hit-or-miss whether she’ll even be in the rolling credits at the end of the episodes. I assume you’ve all already figured out where this is going. It’s been reported by numerous news sources, including the UK’s most famed purveyor of truth and purely objective journalism, that Marissa Hoffman will be Lily James’ body double for her sex scenes with Sebastian Stan, who is playing Tommy Lee. It’s not clear whether Sebastian Stan will be using a body double as well, but unconfirmed rumors suggest that this role will be filled by Morgan Freeman.

Lily James' breast size in red swimsuit from Baywatch as Pamela Anderson

But that’s just for the sex scenes, right? We’re totally gonna be seeing Lily James naked left, right, and center in a bunch of steamy topless scenes that don’t involve sex, right? Well, said scenes might exist, and they might be done without a double, but before you get too excited, I’d like to draw your attention to the picture of Lily James in the red swimsuit in character. Notice anything? Nothing, are you sure? What about if you go back to the picture of her bare tits at the top of the post and compare? Lily James’ boobs are B cups. In the swimsuit picture, they’re DD cups. But how can this be? She hasn’t had any breast augmentation surgery (and Lily, if you’re reading this, please never do), so what gives? The answer is prosthetics, a chest piece, as reported by the UK’s most serious and high class source of news.

Lily James topless in her sex scene from The Exception

The above image is from The Exception too. Sorry, I thought I might close off on a good note. Although, all that said, the chest piece will only be covering her breasts, and she hasn’t said anything about wearing a prosthetic pussy, so for all we know, we might get a 4K close-up of her spread open vagina. I mean, I’m not saying that we will, but we might. Hope was the last thing to come out of Lily’s Box, after all. Or was that Pandora?