Do we see Elizabeth Olsen nude in Love & Death?

Elizabeth Olsen nude in Love & Death

Since the show was announced for HBO Max, people have been waiting to see whether we’ll get to enjoy gawking at Elizabeth Olsen nude in Love & Death. So what’s the answer? Well, as I write, the first 3 episodes of the series are out, and have we seen Elizabeth Olsen naked in those? Let’s just say it’s no old school HBO.

But there are still episodes to come, and there may be way more graphic nudity in those. In fact, if you scroll down to the bottom of this post, I may already have covered some such nude scene, since that’s what I’ll be doing every week as a new episode comes out. So don’t be too anxious.

If you really need a quick fix, though, just CLICK HERE to skip straight to the epic Elizabeth Olsen nude scenes in Martha Marcy May Marlene!

Let’s start with episode 1: The Huntress

Our girl shaves her legs in the bathtub and then sorts herself out in a mirror wrapped only in a towel. Is there a nipslip or a hint of areola during the bath scene?

A fully clothed sex scene. How exceptionally lame. That said, Elizabeth Olsen’s orgasm faces are always a treat.

Good Lord, that is one hell of a downblouse. Lizzie seems to love those. We can’t forget the deep downblouse scene she did in Martha Marcy May Marlene. Unfortunately, she’s wearing a bra this time.

Shower scene? Be still, my heart! So, anyone catch any nip slips or at least areola slips?

Episode 2: Encounters straight up starts with a shower scene…

…but is it quite as gratuitous as we would have wanted?

There must have been at least one or two nip slips from Elizabeth Olsen in that one, right? At least a bit of areola, right? Right? Right!?

Another clothed sex scene followed by some more co-ed shower teasing.

A short sex scene with Elizabeth Olsen riding cowgirl and having a rather vocal orgasm. Yes, she’s clothed, because that’s apparently how it’s done in Texas. Boooo.

Her boobs look great in this scene. Would I have preferred to be able to see a bit more of them? Sure, but this is what we’re dealing with now with nu-HBO.

In this scene, I like to imagine Elizabeth Olsen is taking it up the dumper, and I’m not even into anal. Gotta spice these tame lewds up somehow, though.

That right there would have been one of the greatest nude scenes of the 2020s if Elizabeth Olsen was actually naked for it. Cruel world that we live in.

Episode 3: Stepping Stone had no nudity whatsoever. OK, that’s nothing new, but it didn’t even have any lewd scenes.

So what does everyone think? Are we gonna get a better shot of Elizabeth Olsen naked before the series ends?

I’ll be updating the situation right here, adding new info to the end of this post, so check back for updates.

UPDATE – May 11




More to come momentarily.

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