On the Importance of Color Correction, featuring Scarlett Johansson

We’re going to be doing something a little different today. Don’t worry – you’ll still see tits. What’s different is that you’ll get a bit of a look at how and why the tits you see on the Faptuary look different to those you’ve seen elsewhere. If you’ve noticed this, either subconsciously or consciously, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that these deviations will vary from the subtle to the extreme. If you’re not quite sure what I’m talking about, then allow Scarlett Johansson to demonstrate in the video below.

“What am I looking at, Fapsmith?” Something a bit different to the regular workflow but which goes to explain it even better. It’s a scene from 2013’s Under The Skin, ScarJo’s nude debut and sadly her only nude scene to date. “And the three instances?” The left-most one is the shot as it appears in the original film. It is completely unedited. This is what you would be seeing if you just watch the movie as the filmmaker and the studio intended.

The videos that are sandwiched in the middle – the ones bearing the “2022” label – are from a color correction I did of the scenes from Under The Skin in March of last year. I remember being rather proud of it at the time. To be fair, it was quite an achievement. As you can see from the original footage, not only is the scene so dark that it’s surprising that there’s any detail there at all, but it’s also got some pretty extreme contrasts AND it’s so very, so exceptionally, so inhumanely red.

Suffice it to say, simply increasing brightness was never going to make it fappable, so I went through a couple of steps to get it looking the way it does. I was proud, you see, because the scene went from looking like shadows on top of shadows with the occasional searing red glow to a scene where you could actually get a fairly clear look at what’s going on, many details included. But the funny thing is that looking back on it now, it’s actually quite a mediocre color correction as far as how the end product looks, regardless of what came before it. Perhaps even calling it mediocre is too generous. Really, it’s a bit crap.

Which brings us to the videos on the right – the ones with the “2023” label. I spent a day and a half this week rejigging the color correction. I didn’t want to present something that was simply not as bad as the other one. That’s the kind of nonsense that modern elections hinge on. It’s also the sort of flawed thinking that made me feel like last year’s color correction on this scene was something to be proud of. Instead, I wanted to get the scene to actually look good even when viewed completely outside of context. As much as I could, anyway. It goes without saying that the footage I have access to (no comment on whatever’s sitting in a vault somewhere at StudioCanal) is severely limited in detail, which necessarily limits what I can pull out of it, but that doesn’t mean I have to reach a marginally acceptable level and then stop.

And so we have the latest result. We’ve got nipples that are actually identifiably a different color to Scarlett Johansson’s boob skin. We’ve got individual pubes on her nice, trimmed bush that can actually be made out rather than just appearing as a haze of pixels within a slightly darker cloud. We have skin texture that looks fairly smooth rather than having to sit underneath a layer of heavy grain, be it because it’s a horrendously amplified part of the original footage or because it was added to mask severe distortion (or both, as the case was for the 2022 edit). We’ve got less blur and more fine edges. Make sure to check out the image gallery at the bottom of this link for the much less compressed 4K captures to see the difference at its total extent. I fully expect that in another year, I’ll look back on this version and think that it’s outdated too, but until then, I’ll keep on honing my craft.

I’ll also keep on applying this ever-improving skillset to every nude scene I work on, and in doing so, offering the best views you could feasibly get from whatever passes through my ‘puter.

Of course, this all comes at a price. No, not for you; for me.

I’m going to neither bore you, dear reader, nor denigrate myself by begging, but I will say that as of last November, I’ve lost my career over this (thanks, HR) in a way that is, because of the mechanism through which it was done, permanent. Between hosting, subscriptions to the software used for the work, buying hardware to keep up to date with it during a silicon shortage, and getting hold of rare films that I can’t stream through any of the main services or borrow the blu rays off of a friend, not only has this cost me my income, but it’s also adding considerable expenses.

If you’ve enjoyed what you see throughout these posts and are now aware that the process on my side is more than simply hitting the print screen button a few times to get these scenes up, I really wouldn’t mind a few bucks here and there. No pressure. Everyone’s always welcome to visit, browse, and fap as much as they want, but… you know…

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  1. Scarlett Johansson belongs in Mount Olympus with the Gods. She is Aphrodite human representation, the goddess of love, beauty and sexuality. She is a true goddess among mortals. It is a true honor to see such a work of art, and a testament to Leonardo da Vinci’s skill as a master sculptor.

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